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Course description

This all-you-need-to-know course, Fundraising Events Made Simple, is designed for two groups:

  • Newbies coordinating their first charity event (5k, gala, auction, golf outing, etc). You have a cause (maybe a personal connection), you want to make a difference by raising money for that cause, but life is busy, and you wonder if you can make your goal. You are asking yourself these three questions:

  • Second (or more) year coordinators who want to skyrocket their number of registrants and money raised. You did it the first year - congrats! You took the plunge, but this year you want to make it bigger and better. You really care about your cause and now you want to distinguish your event to compete against all the others. You are asking yourself these three questions:

Finally, someone is answering those questions for you! When you follow our simple, 12 step-by-step techniques, you will raise more money – with less effort. If you ask these questions online, you will get thousands of so-called experts who are always willing to tell you what to do. But, in Fundraising Events Made Simple, we pull back the curtains and show you exactly how one “soccer mom” actually DID DO IT.

Jeannine isn’t an events professional. She didn’t know anything about running a charity fundraiser. And, if Jeannine can get these kind of results in the snowy, 20-degree temps of a Pennsylvania February, just imagine what you can do for your charity!

But, with Fundraising Events Made Simple, you don’t just get a peek inside an event. You get our time-tested ebook/video course that covers the 12 Action Steps that mobilizes your Charity Fundraiser from a mere idea, to a raving, dollar-generating smash hit
that will help your charity, and keep your sponsors, participants and volunteers coming back year after year.

* Optional Service: Jeannine offers one-hour individual consulting (telephone/Skype) for race directors and their executive board.
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If you want to make things simple – for yourself and for others – then this course is yours! We put everything you need to know into this course. But, we realize that you don’t need to know it all right now. That’s why we divided the course into bite-size, fifteen-minute pieces. You can look at the table of contents, and then jump right into the ideas you need RIGHT NOW. But, later, when you realize that you might have missed something, the information will be right there, waiting for you when you are ready for it.

Remember, Jeannine is not a professional fundraiser. She is the typical “soccer mom” you hear so much about. But, she learned to harness the power of the Fundraising Events Made Simple 12 Action Steps to build, build and build.

* Cupid's Cranium event photos are copyright of Scooter Girl Photography and not to be used without written permission

Jeannine Norris and Bill Quain

Jeannine Norris and Bill Quain

Instructors, Fundraising Events Made Simple

Jeannine Norris, M.S.

  • Course Instructor: Fundraising Events Made Simple
  • Director, At Least Kids Foundation
  • Race Director, Cupid’s Cranium 5k Run / 1 Mile Walk
  • 20+ years marketing experience
  • Board of Visitor’s Member, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Brain Tumor Research
  • Race Consultant
  • Author
  • Freelance Editor
  • JQN22@hotmail.com

Bill Quain, Ph.D.

  • Course Instructor: Fundraising Events Made Simple
  • College Professor: Hospitality, Event Management, Marketing, Business
  • Speaker and Trainer for Meeting Professional International and The International Special Events Society
  • Director of Restaurant Promotions for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival
  • Former executive chef and host of the 2005 PBS television show, Cooking Without Looking
  • Author of 24 books

Course Includes

24 Videos

1 Multimedia

7 Texts

2 PDFs

4.0 hrs

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